IT Services For Construction Companies in Alaska

Your build - we support

With construction here in Alaska there are plenty of things to worry about like keeping equipment in working order, keeping your team working, meeting deadlines, Alaska weather and the economy – IT services shouldn’t be one of them. Let us help.

Your strength is building Alaska. Our strength is protecting your IT.

We focus on your data and network so you can focus on your clients.

We focus on your computers and users so you can focus on constructing Alaska.

DanTech Services Intelligent Firewall for construction Alaska
DTS emergency network Assist Alaska

Why should you hire an IT professional?

Your clients hire you for your expertise in construction. Likewise, you should hire IT professionals for their expertise in:

Business Continuity

How much money per hour do you lose when you your network is down and you and your employees:

  • cannot access data?
  • cannot send out quotes to clients?
  • cannot respond to emails?
  • cannot perform payroll duties?
  • Cannot perform accounts-receivable duties?
  • cannot perform accounts-payable duties?
  • And…. how does this affect your image in the business community and your employee’s morale?
DanTech Services Remote Support IT for construction in Alaska

The Best IT Services Ever

"I would recommend DanTech Services to take care of the technical needs of any small business so you can concentrate on taking care of your customers and your business, knowing that your Internet, your network and your data is secure with DanTech Services"
Lisa Fink, Accountant
Nigel Guest, CPA

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