What we do for you

We can augment your current IT services by helping your team on a time & material basis when you need help. 

If you are doing your own IT management let us free this up valuable time for you to focus on building your business.

Who is it for?

Are you building your construction business with the hopes of selling it? If you lost your data, how would that affect the valuation of your company? How would it affect your company image and your reputation in the community? Whether you are building your business to sell or to pass it on as your legacy, your data MUST be secure.

We have great partners behind us and can grow as your business grows.

Meeting deadlines in the construction business can make the difference between growth or stagnation and decline. A data breach is an even bigger threat and can cripple you. Most small businesses will not survive a data breach.

Just like the foundation of a building, you must have a good IT foundation. Without it you will spend time, money, frustration, and maybe risk your company image and employee morale having to continually stop and address IT foundation issues. Let us help you focus on building Alaska by making sure your IT foundation is solid and stable.

DanTech Services Remote IT Support Alaska
Network security services for construction on Alaska

Your construction company has to have the equipment, right? This needs to extend to your cyber security.

  • Find out your current state; what equipment do you have and what condition is it in?
  • What piece or pieces of your equipment is most valuable and most critical to keep up and running?
  • Do you have the right people with the right skill set to operate that equipment?                                                          

Be it construction equipment or your firewalls, servers and other IT equipment – both are essential for your construction company to be a success.

Our construction clients are often decentralized; meaning they may be out of the office and do not always see each other during the day and rely heavily on email, video conferencing, and other electronic means to stay in touch.

Is keeping your remote workers connected tough? We can help.

If you would rather be on the job site working with your crew and meeting with customers than addressing your IT, let us help. Let us take that off your plate for a flat fee per month so that you can get back to building Alaska.

We can usually keep you up and running remotely. You will not need to come off the job site and rush back to the office to meet your IT vendor or worse, try to troubleshoot it yourself neglecting your money generating activities. Unlimited phone support and unlimited remote support allows you and your team to stay on the job where time is truly money.

Data backup and recovery for construction in Alaska